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    The Shop is open and has resumed operations under a regular weekly schedule:

    Monday and Tuesday: Closed
    Wednesday, Thursday and Friday:  Open 11:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
    Saturday: Open 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.
    Sunday: Open 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

    The online webstore is accepting and fulfilling orders at https://www.stpgiftsandbooks.ca/.

    Phone: 613 235-7963
  • mass livestreamed

    Saint Patrick's is making our Sunday Vigil Mass (Saturday 4:30 pm) available by livestream. The Mass will be available as a video recording on Sunday morning.  The livestream and the recorded Mass are available on our YouTube Channel - click here. 

  • Prayer intention of the holy father - DECEMBER

    Let us pray for the catechists, summoned to announce the Word of God: may they be its witnesses, with courage and creativity and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • Catholic News Service

  • Catholic News Service

  • Vatican YouTube

  • News from the Vatican

  • PARISH bulletin

    First Sunday of Advent - November 28 - please click here for a copy of the bulletin.

    If you wish to receive parish emails, including the Sunday Bulletin and homilies, please complete the online form by clicking here.


    November 28, 2021

    Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

    Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus! During these four weeks of Advent, which begin this Sunday, we raise our voices in prayer echoing the ardent desire of Christians of nearly two millennia.  Advent has a twofold nature: it prepares us for Christmas, when we will recall Christ’s first coming among us by our celebration of the Nativity on December 25, and is also a time when we look forward to his second coming and the end of the ages, the day and hour known only to the Father. Advent is ... 

    Please click here to see the complete message


    The Sacraments of First Confession, First Communion (at least 7 years old) and Confirmation (at least 11 years old)

    Sacramental preparation will begin in January. Again this year, we anticipate that the preparation will be done by a combination of in-class and online attendance.  Baptism in the Roman Catholic Church is a pre-requisite (a copy of the Baptism Certificate is required).  To celebrate the sacraments at Saint Patrick’s, your family must be registered parishioners.  Families who are planning to have children celebrate the sacraments in 2022 are asked to inform the Parish Office – info@basilica.ca, or call 613 233-1125 – before Friday, December 3rd.

    Knights of Columbus Events

    Similar to last year, the Knights of Columbus will be selling Christmas cakes and cookies only through the Gift Shop, beginning November 17

    Seniors' Corner

    If you wish to participate, we would ask you to register with the parish.  To do so, please register on our parish web site -  click here - or by calling the Parish Office at 613 233-1125 (ext. 526).  For more information, please click here.

    Catholic Resources for Advent

    FORMED is more than a website or app, it is a home where nearly one million Catholics like you grow in faith through engaging content. The new FORMED is better than ever with great new features such as new apps, offline playback and enhanced performance. For instructions on creating a new account, please click here

  • contact tracing for masses

    By Public Health Order, the parish is obliged to have contact information for all those who attend Masses - Sunday and Weekday.

    For the online Sunday Mass form, click here.

    For the online Weekday Mass form, click here.

    Signup sheets are also available at the entrances to the Basilica.

  • Synod 2021-2023

    For a Synodal Church

    A Synod is fundamentally a spiritual process of listening and discerning how God is calling us to be a Church in the third millennium. It is a humble listening and a journey together which aims towards unity and understanding and should not be confused with a political process marked by power struggles.  Our diocesan synodal process will bring together the voices of the People of God in order to ask one fundamental question: A Synodal Church, in announcing the Gospel, “journeys together.” How is this “journeying together” happening today in our local Church? What steps does the Spirit invite us to take in order to grow in our “journeying together”? + Marcel Damphousse, Archbishop of Ottawa-Cornwall
     - please click here to view the Synod Invation by Archbishop Marcel Damphousee